What is Mazix ?

The Welcome page answers this question.

How much does it cost ?

Mazix is completely Free Software and you are not forced to pay any amount of money for this game.

Where can I get Mazix ?

You can get Mazix from the download section : Windows, Linux and Macintosh.

Where can I find more levels ?

Foreword: Every level that isn't reachable via the GUI in Mazix is unsupported and might be completely broken. If you want to try them you are on your own. Anyway, there isn't any more levels yet, because it is still too early, but we will add them in next releases.

What does it mean for Mazix to be Free Software ?

Mazix is licensed under a Free/Libre Software license called GNU GPL V3. Basically, this means that everybody is free to download, distribute, and modify it. Moreover, anyone can distribute modified works of Mazix, as long as those works are disributed under a GPL compatible license. In other words, Mazix respects your software freedoms.

I tried compiling it, but something didn't work !

All the things you need to know to compile the game can be found in the Development section.

Why is Mazix still not done after being in development for so many years ?

From the beginning, there is only one active developer on the game and he is also involved with a heap load of other projects, so it takes time to find time to develop on the game. Help is of course always welcome.

How can I help the development of Mazix ?

This project needs help in the following areas : You may go in the contribution section to have more information about it.

Mazix runs too slow. Is there any way to make it faster ?

Have a look on the recommended system requirements on the Welcome page. If your system is all right, try to decrease your screen resolution.