What is Mazix ?

Mazix is a free puzzle game covered under the GNU GPL V3 and GNU LGPL V3 licenses. It features currently 10 playable levels and runs under a wide variety of operating systems (Linux, Windows, etc.) but there is still lots of work to do.

The Game

Mazix has started at the beginning of 2007 with the simple goal to create an open source puzzle game inspired from many other games, such as : The original goal was to create a simple free 3D game with the Java programming language, which, at the beginning wasn't dedicated for multimedia purposes. The "Free" means you may get the sources and are allowed and encouraged to change and distribute them.

Technically, I wanted to make a good object-oriented architecture to allow everybody to easily improve the game, by adding new items, new graphics, new sounds and so on. Most of the work that have been done so far is more in the kernel / architecture than in the graphical part. The code is often refactored to make it better to maintain and evolve.

Mazix is also an experimental project about programming games with the Java language with the aim to test the latest Java technologies, such as Java3D, Maven, Junit, and Design patterns in order to make a simple and powerful Java game framework.

Recommended system requirements